End of Chapter One

…and a break for an unknown time. This blog ends for now.

I may come back in the future for Chapter Two, but I can’t say when.

Good luck and good bye.



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“My name is Vincent Lost” is a thrilling story about a man who has no memory and wakes up in the middle of the desert. If only he could remember who he is, he wouldn’t be so scared.

The first post was in June 17th 2010 on Twitter and this story took off one tweet at a time. After a long break, the story came back, stronger than ever.

I only have two rules for this exercise:

  1. When it’s tweeted, it is tweeted forever, I don’t allow myself to re-write what is tweeted.
  2. This story is not planned ahead. I’m creating the story as I’m tweeting it.

Now, start to read this amazing story by clicking the following link or choose a page at the top to learn about the fascinating life of Vincent Lost.

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